The term "up-cycling" describes taking something that is essentially waste or undeveloped and moving it on up the consumer goods chain.

This would include reworking used goods as well as producing brand new products, such as furniture, collectables, antiques, reproductions and metal-ware, if only mentioning a few. These goods could be developed from natural and pre-used products such as wood, i.e. driftwood and tree branches, into functional, artistic, personal commodities that left untouched could and probably would end up in a trash heap.

These services would not be limiting to the above mentioned productions, but could involve tool repair and maintenance, promotional products, event planning and delivery, consultation and home improvement projects.

Execution of this fundamental equation with the appropriate predeveloped expertise will ensure this company's success.

Product +   Product Orchestration = Successful Product
· right item
· aesthetically

· technical and
artistic know how
· right tools, right
design, labour
intensity, right
purchase price, right
production timelines
  · 4P's
Place & Price
· Customer & Company Satisfaction