Nuts & Bolts

Nuts & Bolts......(company assumptions) The following quotes are the seeds to the growth and development of this organization.

Sustainability. n. 1. The concept of balancing the needs of people, the planet and profit

The integrity of my word, faith in the quality of my goods and the promise, have always meant more to me than financial gain.
Robert Bosch

"Creativity is intelligence having fun"
Albert Einstein

We are not here to reinvent the wheel, we are here to improve on it!
Reg Parent

One mans junk maybe another mans treasure. It is what you do with it that counts!
Stanley Stencel

Successful people are those who think more effectively, they approach life, relationships, goals, problems and experiences differently then others. They sow better seeds and as a result, reap better lives.
Brian Tracy

Mission Statement - To provide and produce artistically and technically crafted goods and services to individuals and organizations at a reasonable price

Company Goals - To provide a tax shelter to it's owner, while creating a vehicle for activity,creativity & purpose through profitability and or philanthropy

Circle yourself with successful people and ideas and you will breed prosperity!